Shortcut to paradise with hotkeys

Have you ever gotten tired of trying to type something on your computer, only to have to take the time to move your hand over to the mouse, move it around and then click to accomplish something simple? You know what I mean, you feel like after a long day online or working on that site design or what ever you might be working on, that if you only had a quarter for every mouse click…

Well, Smashing Magazine has put together some of the best keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) for quite a few popular applications. I found a few in there that I didn’t know about, or hadn’t bothered to try. Plus the best part of this list is the fact that some of these applications will let you customize your hotkeys. Whats the big deal about that?

Well, let’s say that you have a couple of your favorite applications, and you know that there are hotkeys available for each one. They both might not allow you to do the same thing, lets say copy, or control a feature, the same way. This way you can attempt to match up your hotkeys to make it easier to remember what you are doing with each application.

Take a look at the Smashing Magazine article post entitled 200 Hotkeys to Boost your Productivity, and I hope you find something useful!

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