Online Calendars and Date Pickers

Whether you are a site designer, or a basic internet user looking for a good calendar program to use, Smashing Magazine has come out with a list of both online and downloadable applications that can really make a difference!

Some of the applications showcased are online calendars with and without database support, how to style your calendar with CSS, and even FREE calendars you can download to your desktop. There are also links to sites that will let you print a calendar for a month or year in advance. There is also links to calendar tutorials on how to set up an online calendar and use it to maximize your productivity.

I use a couple of different calendars currently for both personal and professional reasons. First, I use a calendar for one site that allows several users to post important dates that is then accessible to numerous people through the companies website. This makes communication easy as the employees are able to easily see when important meetings and dates are coming up and plan their schedules accordingly.

On another site that uses WordPress, I am using a calendar function to allow for postings of future events that can then allow people to sign up for classes.

You’re not just limited to keeping your dates all to yourself with online calendars. This is the neat feature of using an online version, as you can set permissions to share it with other people, such as friends and family. Your calendar can then work for you to save from numerous phone calls and emails on trying to set a date that works for everyone if you are trying to get together for that family function or a night out on the town.

This article is really a great resource for anyone that is looking to expand their knowledge and utilize an online or downloadable calendar to be more productive.

You can read the full article by visiting the Smashing Magazine site: Online Calendars and Date Pickers.

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