How Google Page Rank Changes Affected Me

Last week, Google made some changes to the way that they calculate the page rank score of individual web sites. For most sites, this doesn’t make a difference, however, some of the more popular blogging sites were affected dramatically.

I didn’t pay much attention to the page rank issue as since this site was created, and up until a few weeks ago, my page rank score from Google was a 0. That’s right, a whopping 0 (zero).

I thought, well, maybe I would check my page rank, so I fired up the SEO Quake Toolbar on my Firefox browser, and to my shock and amazement, this site is now a page rank 4!

This is simply amazing to me how I can go from a zero to a 4 in just one change of Google’s page rank system.

Another major change that I have noticed is my Alexa rank has also changed. About one month ago I had a traffic rank of 2,212,411. My traffic rank today is 562,090. Not to shabby for one month!

I believe these changes are due to the content I am writing, using SEO friendly plugins and coding on my site, and also joining a few social networking sites that have helped to drive some traffic here.

I can’t neglect, however, to offer my thanks to all of you that have read and subscribed to this site and found it useful. You are the reason that I am blogging, and I appreciate your support!

12 Responses to “How Google Page Rank Changes Affected Me”

  1. pablopabla says:

    I see good stuffs here. So, I’m a subscriber 😀

    Happy that you got a good PR boost!

  2. elliott says:

    @ Pablopabla,

    Thanks! I appreciate that you find this site useful, and I hope to continue to write about interesting things!

  3. David Zemens says:

    My google pagerank on one of my sites went from a three to a four as well…and it gets very little traffic. I am beginning to think this pagerank thing is kind of like blue smoke and mirrors…

  4. David Zemens says:

    As a followup, I just noticed that my Alexa rank jumped from 800,000 to 952,000 after the Google pagerank shift. It’s a mystery.

  5. elliott says:

    David, that is strange! I know my Alexa rank has really climbed recently, so to see a drop is weird. Have you changed something on your site lately, or seen a drop in traffic?

  6. elliott says:

    David, I agree to a certain point. The page rank is something that will always be here, although it is far from perfect. When it gets updated every 3 or 4 months and there is such a furor created by how the sites shake out, I think something else, more permanent needs to be established.

    It will be interesting to see where this site ends up after the next shakeup!

  7. David Zemens says:

    Everything is pretty much the same at my site, Eliott. That’s what makes it so strange.

  8. elliott says:

    That is weird! Makes me wonder if the Alexa rank is dependent upon the PR. Not to sure how all of that works. It sure would be nice if there was a set formula to follow!

  9. pablopabla says:

    Come to think of it, Google PR revision exercise makes good topic to blog about especially when you run out of topics. LOL!

  10. lankapo says:

    hi elliot,
    enjoy reading your content.

    one question, did Seo Quake toolbar help increasing your page rank?

  11. elliott says:

    @ lankapo,

    The SEO toolbar, from what I know of it, doesn’t help with the pagerank in any way. It is merely a tool that shows a lot of information to you about the various sites that you are checking. If you are using wordpress, you can use the alexa plugin to help with your alexa rank, but for your page rank, I don’t know of any way to increase it by using any tools.

    Glad you like the content and thanks for the question!

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