My WordPress upgrade experience

Ok, so I finally did it. I just had to do it, not because I wanted to, but because my server barfed all over my site.

sick pumpkin

For those of you that noticed, when my article about went live, you couldn’t comment. I apologize to you for that. I couldn’t log into the admin area of the site without getting a ton of errors.

So, after messing and debating on the easiest way to do it, I finally upgraded my WordPress install.

I have to tell you, it wasn’t to bad, but it wasn’t all that smooth either!

The upgrade process

Ok, so I went to the WordPress site as the original install of this wordpress base was from a fantastico install. I know, I took the easy way out. Shame on me…

I followed the directions exactly as they appeared on the WordPress Extended Upgrade Instructions page, and it worked just fine for me!

It really was rather easy, I just had to read through the instructions a couple of times to make sure that I understood them in depth. I hate getting into something only to realize that I missed that one critical word and now all is messed up beyond repair.

The upgrade went smoothly, however the plugins did cause some problems. There were numerous new plugin updates that were available. If you didn’t know, the new WordPress install will automatically check for updated plugins for you and provide the link to download them.

Once I retrieved all of the updated plugins, then it was time to redo some of them. You see, like a tinkerer, I had modified some of mine to “tweak” them to my liking. I probably shouldn’t have done that, but oh well.

Over all, it was a smooth process, just took a little refining and modification to get it done.

What’s new?!

You will notice a new look to the comments section as I have implemented the threaded comments to better direct my comments to the original author.

I have thinned out some of the advertisements on this site as I was experiencing slow viewing times, so I wouldn’t want you to either.

Let me know!

Let me know via my contact form if you find any problems or glitches with this site please.

And, I apologize again for anyone that found this site when it puked and wasn’t working! I just hope it didn’t get on your shoes! 🙂

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