The list of Why we blog

In an earlier article I wrote about Why I blog and asked for your input into why you blog. I promised to compile the responses into a new article and let you know about other bloggers reasons for blogging.

While I didn’t get many responses, I wanted to share those that I did with you. I have also searched the internet and have brought you a couple of other great articles on why to blog.

Enjoy writing and helping others

So here it is! The first response was from Frank at who wrote and said:

I blog because I enjoy writing but I don’t enjoy writing books (I’ve tried). If I can help other people while I’m doing it, it makes me even happier.

Franks response points out two key areas to having a successful blog. One, you need to enjoy writing. It doesn’t matter really about what, just as long as you enjoy writing to an audience. If you enjoy writing, and the content is good, then others will begin to show up and check out your blog.

Secondly, helping other people is what blogs are about. You are knowledgeable in a certain area, or several areas, and the information that you write about can be found useful or inspirational for other people. Whether you write about ways to make money online, or how to fix the kitchen sink, each of us have knowledge that we can share. And by doing so, we all benefit.

Great minds think alike

The second response was from pablopabla at who wrote:

Gasp! What a coincidence as I wrote more or less and exact post as yours (with the same title) and got it posted yesterday! This is freaky!

Yep, that’s right folks. We both wrote articles on the same thing within two days of each other. While the FBI and CIA are investigating this strange coincidence, Pablo and I can assure you that we are not working together on this. Go and see pablopabla’s article on why he blogs or the additional article about how blogging can be freaky.

You see, pablopabla lives in Malaysia, and I live in Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati. While we both read each others blogs, we hadn’t planned this. Just one of those strange coincidences that shows how small (and big) the blogging world can be! While pablo doesn’t reveal his reason for blogging, he promises he will soon so check back on his article.

Four points that sum it up

Mike Cherim from posted an article last year about why he blogs, and I think the four points he brings up are really a good summary for many bloggers.

  • Sharing technical items and giving insight
  • Sharing news and information, even personal
  • Creative outlet, stories, fun stuff for me
  • Passive advertising, a guy’s gotta eat

Great quotes Mike, I think he really sums up the broad reasons as to why people blog.

Why do you blog site?

One other site I found out there is called It is an online survey and open discussion thread for finding out the reasons why people blog. There are some really neat answers in the discussion thread, so head over there and check it out.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I guess the best reason as to why people blog is really your own reason. It is up to you to search deep inside and find why you blog. Are you passionate about the environment and want to share your thoughts? Do you enjoy helping others out of debt? Are you looking for ways to make money online with blogs?

Each reason is as unique as each blogger. I hope you know your reason(s) as it will really help you to keep focused when you don’t feel like writing or blogging.

2 Responses to “The list of Why we blog”

  1. pablopabla says:

    LOL! Yes folks! This is not a conspiracy or something by Elliott and I (compared to the alleged conspiracy between the Johns of Chow and Cow not too long ago). I was completely stunned and amazed when I saw Elliott posting the same question with the same call for submissions at about the same time.

    My reasons for blogging will come in the wrap up post after month’s end. I think I can start drafting it right now 😉

  2. elliott says:

    Can’t wait to see it, and finally yours too!

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