Is Viral Linking Good for your Blog

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Every blogger is looking to improve their blog. Whether it is to improve their page rank, backlinks or readership, each blogger has a desire to make their blog better and more widely known. So, how do you accomplish this massive task in a world where there are millions, or billions of other sites? Try viral link exchange!

If your not sure if viral link exchange is a good idea or not, let me take a moment to explain what it is, how it works and what some of the benefits of viral linking are for your blog.

Viral linking is not a new idea to the blogosphere. You might even be saying to yourself what is the purpose of it. If you think about how your blog or site works, it is generally composed of content about a topic or product, and most of them have links of some type or another in each post.

Your links in each post point your reader to other areas of your blog, product pages for orders, or other sites for further information. Linking is good from the point that it helps to provide information and options to your readers.

Viral Linking works much the same way as any other post in your blog, with one exception. Generally when someone starts a viral link campaign, the purpose is to get coveted back links from other blogs pointed to them. Back links help to promote your blogs page rank, technorati score and improve readership by promoting your site to other readers that might not know if your blog.

So, I have been tagged to share in a viral linking exchange! Mert from has tagged me in his viral link article, so I am going to participate and report in a future article how it has helped or hurt my stats for readership.

Here are the rules for this viral link campaign:

First Rule

If you are tagged, copy the links below and insert your site at the bottom of the list right under the last tagger to make sure you’re included in the succeeding tags.

Second Rule

Tag 5 bloggers from your list. Below are the links included in the tag, feel free to click on the sites that look interesting to you:

Third Rule

Provide 5 other blogs not already tagged for them to participate in the viral link exchange. Not everyone likes this type of thing, so don’t be mad if they don’t participate. One quick note on how to copy the other links provided. Just do a page view and copy the links over. I have modified mine to be in an unordered list.

Here are the blogs that I am tagging:

Fourth Rule

The fourth rule is to answer the question asked by the original person that starts the viral link exchange. The question asked was “What’s the story behind your site’s name?”.

Well, mine is pretty simple. My site name comes from my name, Elliott J. Cross. Pretty simple eh? I couldn’t decide on a blog name when I first started blogging, so that’s how it is what it is.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoy viral linking, and like I had said earlier in this post, I will follow up in a few weeks and pass along how well it is working, or not working for my site.

8 Responses to “Is Viral Linking Good for your Blog”

  1. Saedel says:

    Hi, Elliot! Thanks for spreading the links! Your article provides straight to the point explanation of what Viral Link is all about. So far, for me, VL increased my Technorati score and Inbound Links. I had only participated once (this one 😛 ) so I haven’t really had community/readership that resulted from Viral Links.


    PS. I made a mistake in one of the links in the previous tags, and I was wondering if you can edit it. The correct links are as follow:

    Mother’s Home
    Down River Drivel

    I hope you can change them.

    Thanks again!

    Saedel’s last blog post..Write In Your Best Condition

  2. elliott says:


    Thanks for stopping by! I have corrected the links also, thanks for letting me know!

    elliott’s last blog post..Is Viral Linking Good for your Blog

  3. S.K says:

    Could you please explain to me what this means:-

    “If you are tagged,..”



    S.K’s last blog post..Chowdiah challenges detractors of GNB!

  4. elliott says:


    Being “tagged” as it is referenced in this article just means that I am selecting you as one of my people to participate if you desire. Sort of like the kids game of “tag, you’re it” if you will.

    elliott’s last blog post..Is Viral Linking Good for your Blog

  5. S.K says:

    Thanks, elliott,

    I do desire to be tagged!!

    And I have subscribed to your feed too.

    Keep up your good work.



    S.K’s last blog post..Chowdiah challenges detractors of GNB!

  6. elliott says:

    Thanks S.K. for signing up! You could probably just jump on board with the viral linking here, just follow the directions. I will add you to my list!

    elliott’s last blog post..Is Viral Linking Good for your Blog

  7. Sorry, but I don’t do any viral games like this on Pro Blog Design (No matter how much fun it might be! 😛 )

    But I do love answering questions in comments!

    The story behind the name “Pro Blog Design,” is pretty simple really. I wanted a straight forward name that summed up the site’s purpose.

    It was originally “Designing Blogs” (Hence my wrongly named Delicious profile…), but a friend talked me into using something with “blog design” in the name.

    The “Pro” part had some pretty obvious inspiration. 🙂

    Michael from Pro Blog Design’s last blog post..In Defence of Internet Explorer

  8. elliott says:


    Thanks for stopping by! Congratulations on your blogs success also! I can relate to rushing into naming something without really thinking about the long term effects. Just goes to show what a little thought can do!

    elliott’s last blog post..The Problem with Affiliate and Marketing Programs

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