Niche Marketing and Make Money Online Secrets Exposed


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If you have ever wondered how Google works and how articles get indexed, I have a secret to let you in on. Have you heard of Vic Franqui? You probably haven’t, yet. Vic is one of the founders of BloggingZoom, which I have written an initial review of bloggingzoom and then the pros and cons of bloggingzoom.

Vic has started a new site recently where he is going to be letting you in on some secrets. You see, Vic is a former Black Hatter, and he is sharing the love with all of us about how to make money online, niche marketing tips and lots more information that you won’t find in most other places!

So, if you don’t want to make money online now, learn secrets of how to make money online or tips for niche marketing, then don’t read this article!

Vic has started a new site called Blogger Unleashed and it is simply amazing and chocked full of great info. I first heard of Blogger Unleashed through BloggingZoom, but didn’t pay much attention to it. I don’t really remember what the submission was for, but the site was, well, kind of a mess (Sorry Vic, love your new design though!).

The second time I heard of Blogger Unleashed was also through BloggingZoom. There was an article Blogging Zoom Back To Basics that I read that really opened my eyes up to how to correctly use Blogging Zoom. You see, BloggingZoom is a submission site that can quickly get your submission submitted into the Google Index and provide an opportunity to use keyword rich descriptions to help rank your submission higher. I have corrected my behavior of cut and paste, and it has paid off with some additional traffic to my sites, so thanks for reminding me and setting the record straight with that great post!

Now, if you haven’t read anything from Vic yet, let me tell you about him. You see, he tells it like it is. He is very passionate with blogging and the topics he writes about. He won’t hesitate to let you know you are full of shit if he thinks you are, or call you out. Besides, in my opinion, besides some of the language, honesty is the best approach in any business, especially blogging. Pussy-footing around people so you don’t hurt their feelings will not do anyone any good. Honesty and Integrity are the way to go, and from what I can see reading (until 4 a.m. this morning) bloggerunleashed, Vic is honest and tells it like it should be told.

So, since you read this, read more about how to make money online now, learn more secrets of how to make money online or tips for niche marketing over at blogger unleashed now!

ps. If you are in doubt about his tips and secrets, this article was indexed and on the first page of Google within 10 minutes! Don’t trust me? Just do a search for “make money online secrets exposed” and see!

2 Responses to “Niche Marketing and Make Money Online Secrets Exposed”

  1. David says:

    Black hatters can get them up there quick but I bet they get taken down quickly too.

    David’s last blog post..Travel Reward Credit Card and Travel Insurance Niches

  2. Anna says:

    Is is a black-hatter turned white-hatter? It seems like that is what you are saying … I think. I generally avoid anyone who doesn’t operate off of principals of honesty and integrity. Beyond the fact that I would not want to do things to others that I wouldn’t want done to me – I don’t think dishonesty is financially very viable in the long run.


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