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One of the best things about blogging is being able to spread the word about a product, service or another blog that you find useful. You can help other bloggers find and utilize great items to improve their blogs in the process. This is one of the cool aspects of blogging.

The reach you have as a blogger can go beyond just writing about ways to make money online, how to improve your SEO or what affiliate program is best. You, as a blogger, have international reach and what you blog about can reach millions of people.

Hugs for a soldier

photo by LilGoldWmn

This article isn’t about anything related to blogging. You won’t find any tips here on how to improve your SEO for your blog, how to make money with blogging or anything else like that.

What this article is about is how to say thank you.

Now, I’m not talking about saying thank you to your RSS readers, or your site visitors or people that leave a comment on your blog. As a blogger, you should be able to figure that out.

Saying thank you to a soldier is a different story.

How do you say thank you to a member of the military serving overseas? How do you say thank you to the soldier that you see in the mall or in the airport?

I’m not sure how I found this site, but it is a powerful way to say thanks to a soldier. I’m not going to get into whether any war is justified or politically correct. It doesn’t matter what political party you are with. It shouldn’t matter what your feelings are about war, the military, who is right or wrong, or second guessing that usual crap. There is enough bashing and back stabbing going on over that.

I’m not talking about the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, or any other war or military action. Our soldiers are serving and doing their jobs. They follow orders. They are people just like you and me.


No matter what you feel about those things, one thing I feel is certain and that is you must respect the people that are dedicated to serving in the military!

When you see a soldier walking through the airport, maybe they are the lucky one that is heading home for a brief visit or they just finished their tour of duty. But, maybe they are leaving their family and heading into service in a dangerous area, possibly never to be seen again.

When you see a soldier or military person, just say thanks. Our active duty and former military men and women around the world, from every country in the world, deserve at least that.

For our former Vietnam vets and all veterans out there that read this:

Thank you for your service.

Check out the Gratitude Campaign for more information about saying thank you to members of the military.

2 Responses to “Be an Influential Blogger”

  1. Saying “Thank You” is never a bad thing. It’s something we should all try to do more often be it to our military men and women or the teller at the bank.

    Jason A Clark’s last blog post..American Film Institute (AFI) Awards 2007

  2. elliott says:

    You got that right Jason. Saying thanks has gone the way of excuse me and I’m sorry these days!

    elliott’s last blog post..Be an Influential Blogger


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