Social Bookmarking, the Sandbox and Good SEO

So what do Social Bookmarks, the Google Sandbox and Good SEO have in common? You wouldn’t think that the sandbox is good for a site, and it generally isn’t, but you can help prepare your site if it gets de-indexed by Google and placed in the “Sandbox” by using social bookmarking sites and good SEO practices.

Let’s take a look at what has happened to me recently.

One of my other sites has recently seen an increase in traffic from Google. Now this is a newer site, established around October of 2007, and I haven’t had any problems with it, until recently.

I had been seeing an increase in Google search traffic on this site with around 100 or more unique visitors a day from Google searches for a couple of long tail keywords that I had targeted. I was seeing some good traffic on my affiliate links, and a decent CTR on my Adsense ads.

Until last Thursday morning. I was checking my site stats like I usually do in the morning, when I noticed that my visitor count had all but disappeared. I checked my log for what search terms were bringing me traffic, and none of my long tails were there anymore. Oh, crap! I went to Google and did a search for the long tails that had been bringing me traffic, and I was no longer on the first page!

But, since I had been using good SEO title practices and submitting the individual pages that are now no longer on Google, the bookmarking sites were showing up for the keywords that I had previously ranked for.

Kinda weird! It is amazing that all of a sudden a few pages of mine can disappear from the Google index overnight, but other pages of my site were still listed, and ranked on page 1 for their terms.

This shows that it is always a good practice to use good SEO titles, such as using your keyword in the title, is a great backup plan for an instance like this. Another great method is to bookmark each page on your sites, not in a spammy way, but to help get it promoted.

The social bookmarking sites are still bringing me some traffic, but not like being on page 1 of the SERP’s was doing.

Also, if you are looking for a way to increase your social bookmarking power, I have purchased Bookmarking Demon and can’t say enough about it. It used to take me about 4 hours to go through my list of bookmarking sites and manually put one entry on each one. Even some of the semi-automatic social posting sites still weren’t all that useful. Since beginning to use Bookmarking Demon, it has cut my time down to about 10 minutes, if even that!

Now, BMD does take a little setting up, but not much. Once you get it set up you are ready to go. Now a disclaimer, Bookmarking Demon is not a spamming tool as spamming the social bookmarking sites will get your account banned forever, and maybe even your IP address blocked. But, if you have several or numerous social bookmarking sites that you use, this tool is well worth the money to speed up the process of submissions.

You can find out more information by reading my special reports on Bookmarking Demon entitled Why Social Bookmarking Works and Secret Traffic Report for more great information and introductions to the power of Bookmarking Demon.

In conclusion

Since we are all at the mercy of Google, ranking well has its benefits. But being prepared for the sandbox or getting de-indexed will only help to transition the time that your site is no longer on the SERP’s.

2 Responses to “Social Bookmarking, the Sandbox and Good SEO”

  1. SEO says:

    Nice review on your own experiences. Google as usual is very hard to predict but that doesn’t mean we cannot play within their guidelines

    SEOs last blog post..Busby Seo Challenge- Prizes

  2. mrsam says:

    um.. the article doesn’t offer any help at all.

    you say you used good seo titles etc but still ended up in the sandbox. A good piece of advice to give, rather than trying to sell some bookmarking tool, would be to advise that you do not use the same titles for your submissions as you have used on your own page.


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