Dear Digg, You Suck!

Well, I used to like Digg and thought is was a good site for some interaction amongst different people and a way to promote sites that you come across. I was a pretty regular user and submitter and even had a few of my posts here get “Dugg” pretty heavily.

Last week when I went to sign in, I wasn’t able to. It kept giving me an “Account Inactive” notice. So, wondering what the hell that meant, I sent an email to Digg support. Yeah, customer support my ass!

I still haven’t heard from that original email. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch. Not a peep from anyone at digg. I was polite and was just curious if it was something on my end causing a problem. So, what gives digg?

I’m not sure, so I sent another email, this time to Well, I’m still waiting on a reply. I don’t know what the hell is going on with digg. I haven’t spammed anyone, submitted my own stuff, pissed on anyone’s keyboard or anything like that. Hell, it was Christmas time and I haven’t been on digg in about a month or so. Is that grounds to trash my account?

Well, after a few days of no response, I sent of another email. This one wasn’t all that nice, but was still somewhat polite in terms of not calling someones mother a goat whore.

La-de-da and I’m still waiting. I even requested a response to another email address that I use just in case my internet provider had caught something in the spam filter that I couldn’t save.

Oh, well, I hope you all digg the crap out of this. For a large company that “prides” itself on being the “leader” in bookmarking submissions with all of it’s technical crap, I just wonder what kind of operation they are running when no one from several different departments can’t even respond to let me know what the hell has happened to my digg account?!

Please, and I am serious, digg the shit out of this one. I hope someone gets off their ass and at least lets me know what happened to my account.

Thanks for your time and patience, end rant. 🙂

10 Responses to “Dear Digg, You Suck!”

  1. Not surprised. Did you see my post about it?

    Tamar Weinberg’s last blog post..Digg: Your Privacy is an Illusion

  2. elliott says:

    Tamar, I had not read your post before, but just did. Great job with it! I agree Digg has a problem, a major problem with lots of things. I had issues before and was always given a prompt response to my emails.

    This time is different, and I can not understand why they will not respond to me.

    Oh well, screw Digg I say. I was tired of all the shout spammers and trolls that buried everything anyways.

  3. Canada SEO says:

    Diggs had a problem for quite a while. Not to mention the sheer amount of spam, and manipulation. But hey I guess all us SEOs live to manipulate Google so 😉

  4. I dugg it for you. Digg has had my blog banned for over a year. I’ve never even big much of a Digg user and I’m far from a spammer or abuser. I’ve send a few emails to them in the past with no response as well.

    I’d have to agree, they do suck 🙂

    Josh Spaulding’s last blog post..The Best SEO Book I Never Paid For

  5. elliott says:


    Thanks for stopping by! I still have had no response from them. I’m not sure what gives, and you know I can’t fix a problem unless I know about it! I don’t even know what problem there would have been with my account as I hadn’t been on it for probably a month.

    Who knows, there are lots better sites out there that are doing wonders for my other sites as far as submissions and traffic. If you aren’t using BloggingZoom, you should try it out! Great system!

  6. Well you can add another rant to this because I dugg this yesterday and now it’s gone.

    Josh Spaulding’s last blog post..Quit Smoking and Make More Money

  7. elliott says:

    Thanks for your efforts Josh, hopefully it doesn’t get you banned too! lol

  8. No problem. I could care less if they ban me 🙂

    Josh Spaulding’s last blog post..Quit Smoking and Make More Money

  9. Did you ever find out why your account was inactivated?


    Barbara Ling (aka Owlbert)’s last blog post..Make Them Beg To Digg You – 5 Killer Tips To Commanding Creative Diggs

  10. elliott says:

    Nope never heard anything from them. I can’t even sign up with a new account, so I am guessing they have my IP address blocked also. Strange stuff as I never did anything to cause this as far as I know.


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