Blogging Zoom and the Sandbox

If you aren’t using BloggingZoom, then you are really missing out on something HUGE! You might think, well why would I want another social site like Digg?

It’s a pretty simple answer, and let me explain how if you aren’t using BloggingZoom as part of your SEO and site promotion products, you are missing out on something that will really pay off.

I have been using BloggingZoom now for quite sometime, almost since it began. I was a little skeptical at first, but after a few weeks, I was beginning to see results.

It takes a little effort to correctly use BZ to it’s fullest potential and let me explain this part in detail.

Social sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon and the rest will not let you submit your own sites. They don’t want you promoting your own stuff, and are only looking for “new” submissions. BZ encourages you to submit your own stuff.

What’s the benefit of doing this? Backlinks.

You see, I have a few sites that are newer domain names and they are in the sandbox right now. They were gaining ground quickly and a couple of them were on page 1 of the SERP’s for about a week or two, then “poof” they disappeared. This is common for the sandbox, your site begins to become popular with a new domain name, and then it’s gone.

Don’t panic! BloggingZoom to the rescue!

Since you have joined BZ (hint…hint…and no I’m not an affiliate) and have been submitting your sites and articles to it, there are now backlinks to your posts that are showing up in the SERP’s. Trust me, this is how I am still getting some traffic to my sandboxed sites.

But, the best part of BZ is this. When you submit your post, the minimum “summary” is 350 letters. Why is this good? Keywords.

Other sites limit how much you can put into the summary, but not BZ. This is where you keyword stuff your summary to let the search engines know what your post is about. People then find the BZ submission, read it, and now visit your site.

I just wanted to pass this along if you are looking for more ways to promote your site without getting banned or canned from Digg or other places. Now, a couple of my post submissions are on page two or three of Google for my keyword terms, and BZ is currently sandboxed. Can you imagine what will happen when it comes out itself?

Head on over to BloggingZoom and sign up!

2 Responses to “Blogging Zoom and the Sandbox”

  1. betshopboy says:

    You are indeed a strong advocate of Bloggingzoom!

    betshopboy’s last blog post..Super Sunday Tipoffs #3

  2. elliott says:

    Yes I am! I have seen the power first hand of when my site disappears from the SERP’s, but guess what? It still shows up with BZ!


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