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One of the problems we face as bloggers and trying to promote our sites is getting the word out there about our sites. Also trying to find other bloggers in our “field” can be tough at times, unless you’re writing about how to make money online or something huge like that. I have often felt that the more you can put your blog name out in the blogosphere, the better you will be. It helps to create backlinks, spread the word about your site, and drive traffic also from places you wouldn’t think it would. So, I found a new site, at least to me, that is worth checking out.

blogoria.gif is like most of the other social sites, but it is different in a way. The interface is clean and simple, basically allowing you to highlight your blog, add the RSS feed and spread the word about your site.

Blogoria is a Blogger Search resource connecting Bloggers with other Bloggers, Readers and Advertisers.

Take a look at and sign up, it’s free and a great Blogger Search resource. I’ll catch you on there, look for ejcross under Blogging Resources!

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  1. leon says:

    hi ..

    i have just open an account in and it’s simply terrific … got some do follow links as well as got great traffic almost instantly 🙂

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