A Little Experiment into Keywords

Well, you have probably noticed some unusual posts around here lately. Not the normal topics for my blog, but content none the less. There is a reason for this and actually, there are two reasons.

You might be thinking that I have sold out, but not really. Sure, I needed some cash to fund other projects, but there was a deeper meaning to my madness in the change in post topics.

One of the issues I was facing is the shortage of funds to buy some domain names and software that I was needing for some new niche blogs that I am working on. You can read more about niche marketing if you are interested, it really is fascinating stuff with all of the research and long tail keywords.

Anyways, as I said earlier, these posts were kind of two-fold, with the first purpose to be bringing me in some cash. The second purpose was an experiment in keywords and marketing.

You see, this blog is a PR 5, something to be pretty proud of in less than a year. I’m not really sure how I did that, but I thank each of my readers for helping get me there.

Out of curiosity I wrote those posts with certain keywords in mind. And you know what? It is showing.

I have seen a huge increase in my traffic over the last month or so since writing those posts. Sure, they aren’t really for certain keywords that a SEO blog would be targeting, but that is ok.

This shows an important lesson to anyone that is thinking of blogging, starting a new blog, or getting into expanding their collection of blogs.

If you create a new domain name for a niche or other topic, you run a risk of getting sandboxed. However, if you have an aged domain with PR, you can quickly get your posts indexed and begin getting traffic to your site.

Several of the posts that I wrote were indexed within two hours by Google. Pretty quick and good! Now, just imagine if they were on the hot topic of the day, with some juicy affiliate ads or other stuff…

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  1. Well, one of those unusual, interesting posts must have caught my eye. Somehow I ended up at your blog. 🙂

    What I’m left wondering, though, is whether the extra traffic you’re attracting is translating into extra dollars?

    Allan Gardynes last blog post..12 things I’ve learned in 12 years online

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