Asia’h Epperson

Have you been watching American Idol this season? I haven’t. I just read a story about the contestant named Asia’h Epperson that was amazing. Asia’h Epperson showed a ton of courage and maturity in the face of tragedy that most of us would have collapsed under. Let me tell you about the story.

While Asia’h Epperson was awaiting her audition for American Idol, she called her father, who couldn’t make the trip. They spoke for a short time, and Asia’h told her dad how much she wanted him to be there.

Just a short time later, prior to her audition, her brother called Asia’h to let her know that her father had been killed in an auto accident.

Asia’h decided to go on with her audition and through the raw emotion of losing her father, she sang “How do I Live” by LeAnn Rimes.

Watch this video to see the full audition promo for Asia’h Epperson from American Idol.

Visit these other great blogs about Asia’h Epperson and a great Squidoo lens, also all about Asia’h Epperson.

5 Responses to “Asia’h Epperson”

  1. Great article about Asia’h! Thanks for the links to the other sites, I appreciate them also.

  2. Steve says:

    thanks for the links, nice sites, especially the squidoo one.

  3. Mary says:

    Thank you for the links about Asia’h! I found her story to be an inspiration also after the recent death of my father.

    Do you know where she is now? I haven’t heard anything from her lately?

  4. elliott says:

    Mary, I’m glad you liked this story and the links! I haven’t heard anything about what Asia’h Epperson is up to these days, so only time will tell if she will make another appearance or not.

  5. money maker says:

    Page 1 on Google for this post! Not bad, bro! I wonder if anyone is ever going to take over Griz’s position…I’m gonna sit the bench on this one.

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