Why I Like Asia’h Epperson and Why You Can’t Stop Me

My new Asia’h Epperson blog was flagged as spam, as my prior Asia’h Epperson post has been submitted to Google as a spam post also! Whoever you are, karma is a bitch, so you will get yours someday. Some people are just plain assholes!

…end rant…

Ok, so someone asked me why I liked Asia’h Epperson. Why do I think she is an amazing woman for going through an audition after her father was killed in a car accident? Anyone that can make it through tragedy like that and come out on the other side is an amazing person and strong.

Don’t believe me? Not sure why I feel this way? That’s fine. Read about what happened to my daughter when she was 18 months old.

My wife is a true inspiration. Just like Asia’h Epperson, she shows me the strength to keep going everyday. Just like Asia’h Epperson, we have personally faced the challenges in our lives that would have driven most people to sucking their thumbs in the corner, crying like a baby.

Asia’h Epperson is an example of how to live. Sure, she cried and I am sure grieves at her loss. But to continue with something like American Idol auditions is a sign of maturity and strength.

So, if you are going to submit this blog to Google as a spam blog, please, by all means, go ahead. If you are going to flag this post as a spam post, fine.

Just know that I do speak from experience.

3 Responses to “Why I Like Asia’h Epperson and Why You Can’t Stop Me”

  1. Hey Elliott,

    That sucks big time. But I have to say, strange things seem to be happening to people who are commenting on Griz’s blog, (and any association with Vic) including me.

    A few days ago ALL my blogger blogs I have under my main user (my oldest and ones with the best authority) got de-indexed by google. None of them were about Asia’h, by the way!

    However I did set up a new blog for Griz’s challenge on Blogger with a different userid and it hasn’t been touched by Blogger (yet) although it hasn’t been indexed yet either.

    Stranger was I set up a page about Asia’h on my Honest Way blog with a view to using it as a link source for my new blogger blog.

    That page got indexed fast as I knew it would – it even looked like it might be a contender for the challenge itself – but two days later it was gone from the index totally!

    In the recent past, I’ve mentioned one or two of my squidoo lenses on Griz’s blog and lo and behold they were also soon de-indexed.

    But this takes the biscuit – a solid, indexed 9 year old expired domain I bought with a PR4 and was working slowly and naturally was sitting comfortable at the top of page 2 for its keyword – NO monetization yet – no spamming or keyword stuffing, I didn’t think I had to as it was such a good domain – well I submitted it to Vic’s new directory to give it a push onto page 1 and two days after appearing in there – it got de-indexed! No its gone!


    I have the feeling that someone at Google and maybe not an over-zealous little Hitler (or maybe its one and the same thing?) is monitoring Griz and Vic and also anyone associating with them… (cue twighlight zone intro…)


    Terry Didcott’s last blog post..Happy Easter

  2. Frank C says:

    I do think that there is some ‘Net vigilante-ism going on. I don’t know if Vic and Griz are seeing more Google monitoring or if some enemy that Vic made is seeking revenge. I’m certainly keeping all of my niche blogging stuff separate from my primary network of about 6 sites.

    Frank C’s last blog post..Niche Blog Content Ideas and Experiences

  3. elliott says:

    @Terry, yep it sucks, but I’m moving on. I have noticed it also going on, not sure who or why, but makes you want to guard your sites a little more closely.

    @Frank, yeah, I have noticed it too…Not sure if BZ is a source of it also…


  1. - Why I Like Asia'h Epperson and Why You Can't Stop Me | Asia'h Epperson is an amazing person.…

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