You Tube Down Again

Ok, so it seems that YouTube is down again! I was searching around for some new videos for some issues that I was researching, and guess what, I can’t get there!

I’m not sure what is going on with You Tube, or why You Tube is down again, other than I know there have been a lot of severe storms in the Midwest in the last couple of days. I’m guessing something has been damaged from those storms and it has taken down You Tube.

Or, maybe someone was just asking “Hey, what’s this button do?”.

The bad part about You Tube being down is the fact that if you use You Tube videos on your site, especially the embedded YOu Tube videos, they are not showing now either.

How do I know this? My recent post on Asia’h Epperson used several videos from You Tube and they aren’t showing up now.

Only time will tell what is going on and we’ll see what happens!

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  1. Shane says:

    Man, it’s weird. Been going on for over an hour now, but I still haven’t found anyone who knows what’s going on. Doesn’t look to be a hack job, though:

    Shane’s last blog post..YouTube is Gone


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