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One of the things I often encounter is people that are newer to blogging and servers and all things internet. I was there once, as all bloggers were at one time. One of the things that most people have learned over time is how a good or bad experience with a hosting company can really set the stage for success or failure.

So, how do you learn about what things to look out for when searching for a web hosting company?

One of the questions that I had when I first started looking into blogging was the cost of servers. Should I go with a shared server? What about a VPS? I sure can’t afford a dedicated server, I knew that much! I didn’t want to get stuck with a poor quality host, so I read a lot of cheap hosting reviews.

So while looking around I was often times just left up to decide on my own what I thought. But, with my little experience at the time, was I making a wise decision? I wished that I had a good site to help me understand the issues related to web hosting a little better.

I recently found a site while doing some keyword research that is a nice site with some great information related to web hosting tutorials. Having read some of the information that they have on this site, I wish I had it when I first started blogging and learning about servers. It is worth a look around as you might learn something new, or find that tip that could help you prevent a future problem.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Very informative post. Hosting is something that if you are not able to find a good company that gives you decent uptime and customer support.

    There are tons of companies and resellers posing as hosting companies if very difficult to find which company could be the most economical and most helpfull.

    I have explored the link and would also endorse to everyone who would is trying to get some quality info on the subject.

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