Site Updates and Changes

One of the tough aspects that each blogger has to face at some point is what direction do you take your site?

Since I started this blog in 2007, the original intent was to use it for my web design business and write about design topics, accessible blogging and search engine optimization techniques. However, since that time I have started several other blogs and sites that deal with those topics. My main site deals with Niche Marketing and Blogging for Beginners, so if you are interested, head on over and check it out. Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed for it as well to keep up to date!

I have decided to not focus so much on any one particular topic with this site so I am going to make this site more of a general “What interests me” type of blog. I also will continue to experiment with some things on this site, so if you see something strange come across it, like my post about Who did the Bachelorette Pick, you will know what and why. I got over 1,000 hits from that post within 2 days, so sometimes you can pick a good and hot topic!

So, I hope that you will stick around, if not I can understand. This is one of the tough decisions that I have made as this site is a personally branded site. Not that I would sell it anyways, but who would want a site with my name? Unless there is another ejcross out there someplace.

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