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Usborne Books are the best kids books that I have ever seen. Not only that, but Usborne Books are also a legitimate home based business opportunity for anyone seeking to make some extra money during this tough financial time.

My wife started selling Usborne Books last year as she was wanting to get out of the house and make some extra money without getting a job that set her schedule for her. She had heard of Usborne Books several years prior to that but we were busy with our family and the timing just wasn’t right.

When she signed up we didn’t know it would go the way it would go. You see, I had been in a direct sells company before and it died and crashed, hard. While I knew this company had been around for almost 20 years, I was a little skeptical, but I knew that my wife wanted to do something outside of the home, something she could call her own. So I agreed and off she went.

She came alive! I don’t want to say that my wife found her passion, but in a way she did. The books are wonderful and our daughters loved reading them. Tricia, my wife, was doing really well with selling Usborne Books and building her team. We were getting free books and she was really happy.

The more I found out about Usborne Books, the more I was in full support of Tricia and the company. Why? Well, the company has been around for over 20 years. EDC Publishing, the parent company of Usborne Books at Home, is completely debt free, which you can’t say that about many companies these days. They are adding new titles to their impressive catalog of over 1,500 children’s books all the time.

When I say children’s books, I mean books for all ages. They have books from infants to adults. One of the best sellers for infants is a product called “Your Baby Can Read!” and it sells really well, and it works! They also have books for homeschoolers, science, math and history buffs and lots more.

Anyways, the one key thing that I really feel that Usborne Books is worth looking into as a home based business opportunity is because they value family. This is a hard attribute to find these days. Randall White, the president of Usborne, feels that family is first. This is why they don’t believe in yearly fees for you to maintain your status as an Usborne Consultant. There are also no minimums or monthly quotas that you have to meet. Why? If you need to take a month or several months off to spend time with your family, they you can take time off from Usborne and not worry about it. When you are ready, you just start promoting the books again and you are working at your own pace!

Usborne Books feel so strongly about literacy and promoting literacy that they have a literacy grant program called “Literacy for a Lifetime”. This amazing program is a 50% matching program for grants money. If your company or business has $1,000 as an example, Usborne Books will provide $500 in free books once you qualify for the program and are signed up.

Anyways, enough of my ramblings. Seriously, if you, or someone you know, is looking to make some extra money or just have kids that love books, you should consider Usborne Books and the opportunity they can provide.

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