Boycott Monster Energy Drink for Screwing the Little Guy

I was recently reading around the net when I checked the feed for one of my favorite sites about making money online. Well, it wasn’t what he normally blogs about so I read a little deeper on the topic of how the big corporation Hansen Beverage Corporation, the makers of Monster Energy Drinks is sticking it to a little Vermont beer brewery, the Rock Art Brewery.

It seems that the Rock Art Brewery had the nerve (great sarchasm here) to create a custom beer to celebrate their 10 years in existence called Vermonster Beer in honor of being based in Vermont. Well, the giant $1 Billion dollar corporation of Monster Energy Drinks thinks that their using “Vermonster” for the title of a beer is trademark infringement and that people might be confused between Monster Energy Drinks and Vermonster Beer. If you are confused, let me help you understand the difference.

Monster Energy Drinks suck. They taste like crap and aren’t good for you. I have tried a few when they stop by my work, usually resulting in one sip from their BLACK CAN and promptly dumping the rest down the drain. I wouldn’t waste it by pouring it outside in the grass as I don’t want to harm the environment.

Vermonster Beer is a “home brewed” type of beer. You can’t buy it in a convenience store or Walmart. It comes in a BOTTLE, not a can. It taste good (from what I’ve heard). Beer is good.

So there, confusion settled.

So, I wonder where this big corporation thinks that it is entitled to the term “Monster”. Are they going to sue the Addams family next? Of course, there are monsters in that show. Maybe they’ll feel threatened by Walmart and their using the term of monster in their halloween section. Maybe they will sue Pixar and Disney for using the term in “Monsters, Inc.”? That’ll be fun to watch! Talk about deeper pockets!

What gives them the right to tell a Vermont based beer brewery that they have to cease and desist using the name Monster in their product? Deep pockets. Yep, justice is still for sale in this country. The big guy with the deepest pockets can sue and take out the little guy for no reason.

Here is a great video by the owner of the Rock Art Brewery. He started this company by himself in his basement and has built his dream of owning a small business. Stop by their site and give them support and words of encouragement, they will need it.

While you’re at it, visit the Monster Energy Drink Contact Page and let them know what you think also. Pretty much I think they suck for doing this as I don’t know how they think they are entitled to a trademark on the name “Monster”.

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This is just so wrong in so many ways, however it just shows what corporate greed and bullying can do in America. If this guy said his beer was the “Monster Energy Beer”, then I could say, yep he needs to do something. However to use the word monster in a name doesn’t automatically mean that people are going to confuse the two items.

Lend some support America to the American dream and help out the little guy by boycotting Monster Energy drinks! I’m sure you won’t regret it and it might save your life and help the environment as their drinks taste like crap anyways!

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  1. Phil Wyman says:

    Monster is part of the Anheuser-Busch conglomerate. It is time to spread the boycott wider, and include the many beers under their company. I’ve stopped drinking Shock Top because of this. see and scroll to the bottom.
    .-= Phil Wyman´s last blog ..Persecution of Supposed Witches on the Rise =-.


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