Tips on Buying a Used Macbook Part 2

The other day I wrote a post about tips on buying a used Macbook and I ran out of time to share more information about the software and accessories for your Macbook.

When it comes to the software, you can find lots of varieties of applications on used Macbooks. Most of the time, the people selling the macbooks will either wipe it clean and give you a clean install with minimum software, but occassionally you can find them loaded pretty good with applications already on them. When I bought mine, it had the iLife suite on it, iWorks, Microsoft Office, VMware Fusion (to run Windows) and more. I was pretty impressed by what was still on it.

However, one problem that I quickly realized was that there was quite a bit of software on it that I really didn’t need either. When I purchased mine, I knew it was coming with Snow Leopard on it, however the discs weren’t there when it arrived. After contacting the buyer, I realized that it was part of the Mac box set, with iLife, iWorks and Snow Leopard
. It was also part of the family pack which allows a user to install the software on up to 5 Mac’s. This poses a problem for me since I will now need to purchase this after the fact if I should ever need to restore the system to current state. But, I do routine backups with Time Machine, the Apple built in backup software system and I do have the very original 10.5 install discs.

So, word to the wise, check and make sure that all software discs will be coming with your system, or else you will need to purchase it.

When it comes to accessories, just like a PC, there are a wide variety of options for you to consider. If you want a mouse, you have several options. From the traditional wired mouse to a “Apple Magic Mouse
“, not related to Disney, you can spend what you like. There are lots of used ones on eBay and other places, but BestBuy, the Apple Store and other online retailers carry them as well. I opted for the Magic Mouse which allows you to swipe left or right to go back or forward pages and to scroll without a wheel. It is like a touchpad in the shape of a mouse and it pretty nice!

Another thing to consider is the power cord for the Macbook. With them using the magnetic charger attachment, called their magsafe charger, some of them don’t come with the extension that allows the power cord to go from the outlet to the charging base. The charging base just plugs into the wall itself. This is fine if you don’t need more than about 3 to 4 feet of reach, however when you get the extension cord for the macbook charger, it allows you another 3 feet of room to move.

There are so many different things I could discuss when it comes to the software, however I am still learning a lot of the operations of my macbook and also still tweaking things to my liking and workflow. One of the best things I bought was the Mac OS X Snow Leopard All-in-One For Dummies, which has proved to be invaluable to me so far in learning how to tweak things and how the system works.

Overall I would say that my used Macbook experience so far has been great, with a couple of hiccups of learning so far. I especially wish I had known about the software issue before I purchased, however there isn’t much I can do now to fix that issue. I hope you have found this helpful!

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