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Tips on Buying a Used Macbook Part 2

The other day I wrote a post about tips on buying a used Macbook and I ran out of time to share more information about the software and accessories for your Macbook. When it comes to the software, you can find lots of varieties of applications on used Macbooks. Most of the time, the people selling the macbooks will either wipe it clean and give you a clean install with minimum software, but occassionally... read more

Tips on Buying a Used Macbook from My Personal Experience

When it came time for me to begin looking for a newer laptop computer, I had been keeping an eye on buying a used macbook from eBay or Craigslist for sometime. I began the journey, probably just like you are, by searching for tips on buying a used Macbook computer. The issue I was facing was that I had never owned a Mac before, so some of the information that I was reading and seeing was foreign to me. I... read more