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Michael Jackson Suffers Cardiac Arrest, Possibly Dead

Update: It has been confirmed that Michael Jackson has died. It is reported that pop singer Michael Jackson has suffered a cardiac arrest and was taken to a local hospital by paramedics. TMZ reported that the legendary singer, 50, went into cardiac arrest and had to receive CPR in the ambulance. Joe Jackson, his father, told multiple news sources that his son is not doing well. When people suffer from... read more

Paul Newman Dead at 83

Legendary film star and philanthropist Paul Newman, whose brilliant blue eyes, good looks and talent made him one of Hollywood’s top actors over six decades, has died, a spokesman said on Saturday. He was 83 and had been battling cancer. Following are some facts about Newman: Paul Newman was nominated for Academy Awards for acting in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” “The Hustler,”... read more

Andy Dick Arrested for Sexual Assault

Well, no surprises here, but Andy Dick was arrested early Wednesday morning for sexual assault and suspicion of drug possession. It was reported that Andy Dick was high or drunk on something, exited a bar and approached a 17 year in the parking lot of a Buffalo Wild Wings. He then reportedly groped and fondled the young lady. Officers arrived and stopped a truck which was leaving the location. Witnesses... read more

Who did the Bachelorette pick?

The Bachelorette has picked snowboarder Jesse! Yes, it’s true, the most opposite couple has been formed with these two. What made DeAnna pick Jesse? Was is Jason’s son? Was is Jesse’s wild side? One is not to sure, but DeAnna has picked Jesse to be her Bachelor in this seasons Bachelorette series. DeAnna was rejected, roughly, last season in the series of the Bachelor. I’m not sure... read more

Scott Kalitta Killed in Crash

I have been a long time NASCAR and NHRA fan, enjoying the competition and speed of the cars. Every so often we are reminded that the drivers are still human. Even with all of the safety built into the cars, the rollcages and advancements in safety, there are still accidents. NHRA driver Scott Kallita was killed yesterday in a fiery crash during NHRA qualifying in New Jersey. Kallita was in a qualifying... read more

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