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Why I Like Asia’h Epperson and Why You Can’t Stop Me

My new Asia’h Epperson blog was flagged as spam, as my prior Asia’h Epperson post has been submitted to Google as a spam post also! Whoever you are, karma is a bitch, so you will get yours someday. Some people are just plain assholes! …end rant… Ok, so someone asked me why I liked Asia’h Epperson. Why do I think she is an amazing woman for going through an audition after her... read more

Asia’h Epperson

Have you been watching American Idol this season? I haven’t. I just read a story about the contestant named Asia’h Epperson that was amazing. Asia’h Epperson showed a ton of courage and maturity in the face of tragedy that most of us would have collapsed under. Let me tell you about the story. While Asia’h Epperson was awaiting her audition for American Idol, she called her father,... read more

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