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How to Sell a Timeshare

During this financially tough time, many people that own a time share are looking into ways of generating extra cash. If you have a timeshare that you are wanting to sell or rent, there is no better time to do something with your time share. With so many people looking at ways to save money these days, if you own a timeshare, you can sell or rent out your timeshare to generate the cash you need. This will... read more

A Parents Love

I was just checking my email and found this, a simple link to a video. I wasn’t sure what it was as I get these things all the time. People have two choices in life when faced with adversity. You can run and hide and be an absolutely miserable person, or you can stand and accept the facts that you are handed and make the best of it. Grab your Kleenex box and watch... read more

Houston Crane Collapse Kills 4

The largest mobile crane in the nation collapsed at a Houston refinery Friday, killing four contract workers and injuring six others, a company vice president said. The crane, capable of lifting 800,000 pounds, fell over at a LyondellBasell refinery in southeast Houston. The casualties were in the area of the crane, but officials still weren’t certain whether they were on the crane or under it, said... read more

Financial Peace for Yourself

One of the issues I feel that is facing a lot of families today is financial struggles. What do I mean about financial struggles? Living paycheck to paycheck, arguing about money, finding a working budget for your family, and the list can go on. I’m writing this post to talk a little about my financial experiences and what I have learned that has made life a little easier financially. One of the... read more

Stress Relief with Hot Tubs

In this fast paced world that we live in today, did you know that stress is a substantial factor in a lot of health problems? Stress can cause a decrease in blood circulation, increased muscle tension and other problems that can affect your well being. Using a hot tub is a great way to reduce stress because of it’s many therapeutic benefits. Stress is such a problem in everyone’s lives today... read more