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Boycott Monster Energy Drink for Screwing the Little Guy

I was recently reading around the net when I checked the feed for one of my favorite sites about making money online. Well, it wasn’t what he normally blogs about so I read a little deeper on the topic of how the big corporation Hansen Beverage Corporation, the makers of Monster Energy Drinks is sticking it to a little Vermont beer brewery, the Rock Art Brewery. It seems that the Rock Art Brewery... read more

You Tube Down Again

Ok, so it seems that YouTube is down again! I was searching around for some new videos for some issues that I was researching, and guess what, I can’t get there! I’m not sure what is going on with You Tube, or why You Tube is down again, other than I know there have been a lot of severe storms in the Midwest in the last couple of days. I’m guessing something has been damaged from those... read more

New E-Stamp Proposed for Email

I have been following legislation that is in the US Senate right now. The government is proposing to pass legislation that would require anyone who uses email to buy an E-stamp license. This E-stamp license would decrease the amount of spam email that is being sent around the world on a daily basis, clogging up servers and filling your email box with junk. It is reported that the Anti-Spam companies, such... read more