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Domain Names – Personal or Keyword?

One of the most important and difficult choices that someone that is beginning a website can make is what to name it. What do you want your domain name, or website name, to be? Do you want it to be a reflection of yourself? Do you want it to be related to the topic you love? Which is more important? Should you have a keyword related domain name, or a personal domain name that reflects your name? This is a... read more

The Power of Squidoo

One of the things we are always looking for is how we can increase the exposure to our sites, thus leading to numerous things. Whether you are looking for an increased readership, increased affiliate income, or just some extra backlinks, Squidoo might be a good option for you. I’m sure you have heard of Squidoo by now, but if you haven’t, here is a quick summary. Squidoo is like Blogger or... read more

A Little Experiment into Keywords

Well, you have probably noticed some unusual posts around here lately. Not the normal topics for my blog, but content none the less. There is a reason for this and actually, there are two reasons. You might be thinking that I have sold out, but not really. Sure, I needed some cash to fund other projects, but there was a deeper meaning to my madness in the change in post topics. One of the issues I was... read more

Win a Million Dollar Wiki Page

Ok, so I have been absent for a little while. I have been really busy working some new niche sites that I am creating and dealing with some other issues. But, if you would like a chance to win a million dollar wiki page, you need to check this out. This wiki page on the million dollar wiki is in a sweet spot! It is for the term “Dating Site” and is number 8 on the most popular pages list. The... read more

Optimize Your Site for Adwords

You might be thinking why in the world you would want to optimize your site for Adwords. One of the things that I have been reading a lot about lately is how Adwords and Adsense work closely together. In addition, the main component that ties the two together is the Google Search. So if you optimize your site like an Adwords campaign, then you should be able to increase your site traffic quite... read more