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WordPress 2.5 is released

Well, it’s finally here! The long anticipated WordPress 2.5 is now available for download. As with any new version of WordPress that comes out, there are bound to be problems with themes failing, plugins crapping out and the usual plaque of problems that comes from upgrading. One issue that I have encountered before using wordpress is when I “upgrade”, I have found it to be most... read more

Optimize Your Site for Adwords

You might be thinking why in the world you would want to optimize your site for Adwords. One of the things that I have been reading a lot about lately is how Adwords and Adsense work closely together. In addition, the main component that ties the two together is the Google Search. So if you optimize your site like an Adwords campaign, then you should be able to increase your site traffic quite... read more

How to Use the WordPress Timestamp Feature

Keep reading for an update to the newer look of the WordPress timestamp feature One of the frustrating parts about blogging is sometimes finding inspiration on topics to write about. One of the more frustrating parts of blogging is matching your moments of inspiration with spreading out your blog posts to allow for a relatively even amount of postings. A lot of blogs that I read make it seem like all the... read more